Hi! I will now write a book review on the third book of the  Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling called Harry Potter and the Prisoner of  Azkaban.


The book starts with Harry (the main protagonist) of the book hating his life in the house of the Dursley’s and remembering about his life in the Hogwarts and his friends.Then his uncle Vernon tells his sister will come to stay and Harry should be in his best behaviour but when she comes she makes fun of Harry and his parents this causes him to get angry and causes an accident . After this he leaves the house and gets forgiven by the minister of magic.Over there near the Diagon Alley, he meets his friends Ron and Hermione.From there he stays with Ron till school starts.But when Harry listens to the conversation between Ron’s dad and mom he gets to know there is an escaped convict (Sirius Black) who is after Harry and wants to kill him just like how he betrayed Harry’s parents which led to their death.Anyways the book progresses with Harry attending Hogwarts but he meets his new defence against arts teacher called professor Lupin .When the book progresses the women guarding Harry’s house dorm gets scratched and she tells Sirius does it . Also, Ron tells that Sirius was close to stabbing him during the night.But then Harry , Ron and Hermione get to know that professor Lupin is a werewolf and that Sirius black was framed by Ron’s rat who was actually on the side of Voldemort and was a man named Peter hiding inside. Thus Harry with the help of Dumbledore makes Sirius run away but fail to capture Peter as he runs away thus ending the book.



Parents Guide:

7+,has a little dark scenes

Popular Among:

Popular among those who like to read about a funny,mystery Adventurous fiction book