Hi!I will now write a book review on the Second  book of The Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling called Harry  Potter and the chamber of Secrets.


The book starts with Harry (the main protagonist of the book) who remembers his school Hogwarts and his friends.But he questions why none of his best friends or hagrid did not write any letter or anything.Moving on , his uncle Vernon with whom Harry is forced to stay with tells Harry to not come downstairs and make any sound as he has an important client coming to the house.So when Harry minds his business in his room a house elf approaches him and tells him to not attend Hogwarts this year as some bad danger is going to happen .The elf confesses that he is the one who hides his friend’s letter so that Harry thinks they don’t care about him.But when Harry tells he has to go Hogwarts the elf drops a cake on the client and Harry is punished by uncle Vernon. When Harry thinks hope is lost , his friends Ron and his brothers perform a jailbreak and take Harry to their house.Over there Harry spends the rest of his summer vacation and with Ron he goes to Diagon Alley to shop for the new semester at Hogwarts.In Diagon Alley Harry meets Hermione and Hagrid.He also meets his new defence against arts teacher called Lockhart who is very popular.Moving on , the trio reach Hogwarts and their school starts but Harry hears some weird noises which say kill and a boy gets transfixed almost like he is died.Harry is the only one who hears the noises and it happens several times.Once when the school decides to teach the students some defence just for safety Harry reveals he is Parseltongue meaning able to communicate with the snakes.Everyone gets scared as Voldemort too had that power and everyone thinks Harry is the one opening the chamber of secrets.But later on when the book progresses we get to know Ron’s sister is the one who opens the chamber through an enchanted book in which there is a soul of Voldemort.Thus Harry kills the snake which is the monster of the chamber of secrets and saves the day.

Rating :


Parents Guide:

7+,contains some dark scenes which may not be suggested by some parents.

Popular Among:

Popular among those who like reading about a funny,adventurous and mystery book.