Hi! I will now write a review on the first book of the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling called Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s.Book review by Hannan Hussain.

Plot :The book starts with Albus Dumbledore (the head of the witch school

The book starts with Albus Dumbledore (the head of the witch school Hogwarts) ,Professor Mcgonagall (a teacher at Hogwarts) and Hagrid a care taker of Hogwarts with Harry Potter a small baby who just lost his parents who was killed by the evil wizard Voldemort.But somehow Harry survived the Dark Lord’s Curse.Moving on from there Dumbledore gives Harry to the trust of Harry’s aunt’s family; Overtherethe Dursley’s.10 years later Harry has grown but he is treated like dirt in the Dursley’s house.He was told his parents died in a car crash.But near his birthday weird events start happening and some thousand mails start coming for him which he is not allowed to read.But his uncle had enough and they stayed at another place for a shOver there just after Harry wishes himself happy birthday Hagrid comes and gives Harry a cake.From there Hagrid gets close to Harry and tells Harry of his magic and wizard blood and actual death of his parents.Hagrid also gives the invitation,the same mail which came to him and it showed an invitation to Hogwarts school.From there Harry buys the requirements for Hogwarts by the money his parents saved him.In the train to Hogwarts, Harry is treated like a hero and he also meets Ron who becomes very close to him.As the book progresses Harry also meets Hermione who too becomes close to him and they by mistake see a secret door with a dog guarding something.The three first think the professor Snape wants to steal the content but they later learn it is Professor Quirell who hides a living Voldemort on the back of his head.Thus the book ends with Harry saving the day.



Parents Guide:

7+,contains some dark scenes

Popular Among:

Popular Among those who like to read about a funny,wizardly,adventurous and mysterious book .