Hi! I will now write a review on the Tintin series by Herge called Tintin Broken Ear.Book review by Hannan Hussain.


The book starts with a Fetish ,an old idol type statue getting stolen from a museum.Tintin the main character and his dog ,head towards the site.But the next day after the fetish is stolen the fetish it is kept back.Whereas ,Tintin knows this is a duplicate Fetish.Thus ,he links the robbery to a sculptor who recently got murdered.But this sculptor has a talking parrot who Tintin feels will tell the name of the murderer.Thus, he returns to find the parrot but gets to know the parrot is already bought by a men called Alonso Perez .Tintin gets close to the men and they try to murder him but Tintin gets away.So again when Tintin gets close he hears that the sculptor was murdered by a man called Tortilla.Thus Alonso and Perez head to south America in a ship unaware that Tintin is following them.Tintin tries to get these men arrested but they run away and Tintin lands in a place where he is going to get shot by the police but he gets saved when he tells the name of the rival of the leading ruler called General Alcazar.Later as the book progresses Tintin gets to know that there is a diamond hidden inside the real fetish and he finds out a rich American man buys the fetish.Thus he heads towards the American man and finds Alonso and Perez due to a battle both these men drown and die.Whereas Tintin tells about the fetish to the American and he receives the fetish and successfully returns the fetish to the museum thus ending the book.



Parents Guide:

6+,does not contain anything bad as such

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Popular among those who like reading a funny,mystery,adventure book