Hi!I will now write a review on the book Tintin series by Herge called Tintin  Flight 714.Book Review by Hannan Hussain.


The book starts with Tintin with his dog Snowy,Captain Haddock and Professor Calculus are transit passengers flying to Sydney but stopped in Jakarta.Over there Tintin meets Skut an old friend who tells he is a private pilot for the millionaire Laszlo Carreidas who never laughs.But due to Calculus dumbness Laszlo starts laughing a lot which he tells is after years and tells Tintin and others he will give them a ride to Sydney.The private jet gets hijacked and gets landed on a small unknown island where the mastermind behind all this is Rastapopoulos who wants to get hold of Laszlo’s  enormous wealth. Thus Tintin and everyone except for Laszlo and Snowy(he ran away somewhere in the island) are kept as prisoners.Whereas for Laszlo he is injected with truth serum but fails to give his account number and this irritates Rastapopoulos and he by mistake injects himself with truth serum.Then later the book progresses with Tintin saving all prisoners and Laszlo and they hide in a deep cave and meet a man called Mik who is a writer.He tells there is an UFO plane-ship in the cave.After an earthquake and a bomb blast, a volcano gets awaken and all the bad guys run away and so do Tintin and the rest with the UFO and get away from the island , thus ending the book.



Parents Guide:

7+,does not contain anything bad as such.

Popular Among:

Popular among those who like reading about a funny,adventurous,mystery book.