Hi!I will now write a review on the Dork Diaries series called How to dork your Diaries by Rachel Renee.Book review by Sara Nayeem.


Nikki Maxwell has lost her diary and her diary is one of the most important things to her. Ever since Nikki Maxwell came to her new school she has always been writing in her diary.

Her diary is filled with all her deepest secrets , and MacKenzie Hollister her biggest enemy threatens Nikki that she will find her diary and read all her secrets.

So Nikki looks for it almost everywhere before it ends up in the wrong hands .

(this book is also a do it yourself book ,that includes tips and much more fun stuff)



Parents Guide:

10+,talks about crushes and boyfriends which may not be suggested by some parents.

Popular Among:

Popular among those who like reading about a girl with crushes,popularity and other problems.