Hi! I will now write about the tenth book in the diary of a wimpy kid series by Jeff Kinney called Old School.Book review by Hannan Hussain.


The book starts with Greg’s mother telling how stuff was different in their days when they had no technology and socialised with people. Greg however contradicts and tells how important life is with technology.But Greg’s mom decides to start a campaign regarding this and thus needs a lot of people.Anyways in Greg’s school there is a help buddy program where Greg wants to help a boy called Frew.Whereas Frew turns out to be a genius and helps Greg with his work instead due to this Greg’s teachers get impressed by his amazing homework assignments and he moves on to a higher class.After that Greg’s grandfather stays with them as he is unable to pay his rent.But as his girlfriend chucks him he goes into a dating website and gets fifty relationships.Thus one day when everyone is outside the house leaving Grandpa alone,grandpa calls fifty women and they cause chaos.After that he is never trusted alone in the house again.Moving on, due to an accident he damages his dad’s car by this he gets scared of his dad and goes to a camp from his school in the wilderness.The camp is a complete failure as usual………….



Parents Guide:

7+,talks about girlfriends,crushes and dating websites which may not be recommended by some parents

Popular Among:

Popular among those who like to read about a funny,wimpy boy.