Hi!I will now write a review on the eight book in the diary of a wimpy kid series by Jeff Kinney called Hard Luck.Book Review by Hannan Hussain.


The book starts with Greg missing his ex-best friend Rowley because Rowley’s gets into a relationship with a girl called Abigail. Rowley acts too good for Greg and Greg gets pushed away.Greg desperately tries his best but he has hard luck and Greg thinks of getting a new friend.Then Greg tells the advantages of Rowley and why he needs Rowley.Then Greg thinks of using Fregley for comic relief but Fregley gets too popular and he gets too cool for Greg.Later in Thanksgiving, all the relatives of Greg come and they create chaos because of a missing diamond.The whole family searches for the diamond,but nobody succeeds. As everybody is outdoor Greg justs randomly searches inside and finds a back up of his toys and finds books that his mom uses on him.Then Greg finds a magic 8 ball,greg gets very attached to it and uses it for everything.But one day due to an incident the ball leads to the diamond.He decides not to use it for now.Thus ending the book.



Parents Guide:

9+,talks about crushes,boyfriends which may not be suggested by some parents.

Popular Among:

Popular among those who like reading about a funny,wimpy boy.