Hi!I will now write the seventh book in the diary of a wimpy kid series by Jeff Kinney called the Third Wheel.Book review by Hannan Hussain.


Greg talks about how his life was inside his mom’s stomach and how comfortable he was until they pulled him out. He then later tells how Greg’s mom spoiled Manny (his younger brother) by giving too much love.Later Greg tells how his Uncle lost his money by getting cheated and he moved into Greg’s house.After that in school due to an incident, Greg’s school wants to raise some money so that the school can arrange a Valentine dance.So for this Greg gets tensed as he is single and doesn’t want to be left out.Thus he tells Rowley his best friend to arrange a date.Rowley then finds a girl and Greg and Rowley use her for both of them. The date turns out to be horrible as Greg gets chucked and Rowley and she keep talking. Then in the dinner, Greg has to pay for the expensive dinner but due to lack of money Rowley’s dad has to pay for it.The dance to is a flop and thus Greg concludes with telling he has chicken pox.



Parents Guide:

9+,Talks about crushes,dates,girlfriends and has some very mild bad language. Which may not be recommended by some parents.

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Popular among those who like to read about a funny wimpy boy.