Hi! I will now write about the sixth book of the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney called the Cabin Fever.Book review by Hannan Hussain.



The book starts with Greg telling how the arrival of Christmas stresses him and how he tries to be decent and good so that he gets more gifts. Then he recalls the incident when before the birth of Manny (his youngest brother) his parents gifted him a doll which would teach him responsibility. Greg accepts that he got attached to the doll. But later on he loses the doll and due to fear of his parents not trusting him anymore he replaced the doll with a fruit and he got attached to that also but due to it rotting it got thrown away.After that Greg tells how much he liked his school bazaar just for the chicken fry called drummies. But when he saw the same drummies in a grocery he bought the whole lot and he got the idea of starting his own bazaar with Rowley. Thus with this they also made a newspaper to advertise their drummies and bazaar.Later on, when Rowley and Greg put flyers of their bazaar on their school walls due to an incident they run away and next day on the newspaper there was an article about graffiti done in the school walls. Thus inspectors come to the school to investigate and get the two boys who did it but Rowley gets scared and bails out.So the school vice principal told Greg to clean the wall marks.That day due to heavy snow they were disconnected from everything. They had no food, electricity, water flooded theĀ basement,Greg’s mom was blind without glasses and this caused a whole lot of chaos and fun for all readers!



Parents Guide:

7+,has some very mild bad words which some parents may not suggest.

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Popular among those who like to read about a funny,wimpy kid.